My most cordial welcome to all of you, delegates representing and invited to the fifteenth edition of the Honorable Model United Nations of the Benavente College.

BENAMUN has been an important part in the lives of many of our high school students. As you know, it is at this stage of life when you reflect on the direction you want to take as you grow, the career that attracts attention to then work passionately on it. Thanks to the Model, several graduates have found in themselves the vocation towards the internationalist sphere, as well as discovered their taste for debate, defending their position but open to listen to other points of view.

This year, the entire Secretariat of the Model is inspired by the phrase of this school year of the schools of La Salle, to which as an institution we belong: “Great things are possible”. However, it is in the little things that we as people discipline ourselves and prepare for things even bigger than the future holds. Today, active members of the MUNER community, tomorrow, future diplomats, ambassadors, or ministers.

We deeply wish to increase that impact that BENAMUN has left for fifteen years on our future participants. To fan that spark that is in all of you, that desire to help our society and all the societies of the world, as well as to establish bonds of friendship between all the partners with whom they will be lucky to work. Great things are possible if you work together, guided by that spirit of dialogue and unity that characterizes the United Nations.

Juan Antonio Llergo Sánchez

Secretary General BENAMUN XV