How do I get to BENAMUN?

BENAMUN will take place within the facilities of La Salle Benavente College. To know more about the venue, visit: http://benamun.com.mx/venue/

What is the dress code?

The full dress code of BENAMUN 2020 can be found in:


How can I sign up to BENAMUN?

BENAMUN 2020 uses the platform Eventbrite to manage the inscriptions, a full explanation of how to sign up can be found in: http://benamun.com.mx/how-to-sign-up/

What is the duration of a BENAMUN session?

A session of BENAMUN lasts approximately 1 hour and a half. The sessions are interspersed between constant coffee breaks and refreshments, all with the aim of making the debate as pleasant as possible.

At what time the meals will be?

The meal times are stated in http://benamun.com.mx/schedule/

Where can I check BENAMUN Protocol?

You can download the protocols in http://benamun.com.mx/downloadable-resources/

When can I talk with my advisor?

The coffee breaks and the refreshments are the ideal moment to talk with your advisor. During sessions is completely prohibited (Except in case of an Emergency)

Where can I find my lost or forgotten things?

BENAMUN staff and secretariat always pick-up any forgotten item inside the committees at the end of the day. If you forgot something in your committee you can ask in the Secretariat office or with the Library Staff.