What is BENAMUN?

The United Nations Model of the Benavente College is a cultural and educational event in which, for more than fifteen years, it has prepared young students to get involved in international affairs, through a simulation of committees of the United Nations Organization.

Due to its long history, the Model prides itself on being one of the most important in the state of Puebla, inviting students from various institutions (both from upper secondary education and from university) to participate as delegates of the UN, dialoguing with each other to resolve many of the most pressing issues dealt with by the Organization. Meanwhile, they develop skills such as reading comprehension, information analysis, correct writing, consensus building through teamwork, and public speaking.

It is also an excellent opportunity to acquire a broader vision of the world in which they live, and to put into practice the use of the English language, developing critical thinking and the arts of diplomacy and negotiation. Not least, it is also a great opportunity to create friendships which will be fortunate to be lasting.